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Katy Takaoka works with entrepreneurs and experts who want to attract more of the right social media followers and turn them into loyal, paying clients.

[VIDEO] #socialmediaspringclean episode 1: Facebook Groups

Now that spring has officially sprung, I’m feeling the urge to declutter. This applies to my home and office, for sure. But it also applies to my social media accounts. Could your Facebook newsfeed use some decluttering? Mine sure could, … Continue reading

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How to Get Your Creativity Flowing Again by Doing Things You’ve Never Done Before

I’m sitting here doing the absolute opposite of everything I would normally do. I’m working from home. (I have office space.) Not only that, I’m working from the couch and I’m wearing pyjamas. (I have a staunch business-casual dress code … Continue reading

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4 Marketing Lessons Learned from #bathtubsofbunz

I’d like to introduce you to my new friend, Ken Ferguson. I’ve actually known of Ken for several years, as he’s a close friend of my BFF’s little sister, but I’ve never had the opportunity to meet or talk to … Continue reading

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[VIDEO] [ASK KATY] How do I turn followers on Facebook into paying clients?

I recently asked some of my colleagues and Facebook followers the following questions: What do you want to know about social media and how to use it to grow or market your business? What tools, tips, or tricks would make … Continue reading

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How to come up with titles and content for your blog posts

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10 Types of Social Media Platform – Updated for 2017

Last April, I wrote a blog about the different types of social media platforms that are out there, and where some of your favourite sites fall under those categories. It’s one of the most popular blogs I’ve ever written, accounting … Continue reading

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[VIDEO] Lipgloss & Politics: A New Take on the 80/20 Content Rule

Last week I caught the ‘flu for the first time in my adult life. I sincerely hope I never have it again! Being laid up in bed or on the couch for the last several days gave me an opportunity … Continue reading

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[VIDEO] How Current Events Impact Your Social Media Marketing

In light of recent (and ongoing) events, I took to Facebook Live earlier this week, to share some social media best practices in times such as these. As business owners who market on social media, we have a certain responsibility … Continue reading

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4 Facebook Content Strategies to Increase Engagement [Supported by Actual Data]

I love data. Data never lies to you; it only ever presents the facts. Data is beautiful. (I think you catch my drift) So it should come as no surprise that I especially love data as it pertains to social … Continue reading

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3 Things I Want Us All to Do Differently on Social Media

As I write this, I’m hot and sweaty from having totally rearranged my office. I told my assistant I’d probably come in on Saturday to do it, but once I got the idea in my head I couldn’t get it … Continue reading

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