[VIDEO] Lipgloss & Politics: A New Take on the 80/20 Content Rule

Last week I caught the ‘flu for the first time in my adult life. I sincerely hope I never have it again!

Being laid up in bed or on the couch for the last several days gave me an opportunity to spend way more time on Facebook for personal browsing than I usually would (these days, the bulk of my time spent on FB is for my clients, not for me!).

One post in particular, from one of my Facebook friends, really caught my intention. It said:

“Why is my Facebook feed full of lipgloss and politics?!”

And I thought to myself, THANK YOU FOR SAYING THAT OUT LOUD.

Now, I’m not knocking independent distributors or representatives of direct sales or network marketing businesses. Nor am I knocking people’s rights to free speech and expression.

What I am saying is, when hundreds or thousands of people are marketing the same product as you, in exactly the same way, it’s time to get creative. To differentiate yourself.

Because let’s be honest right now, if I’m looking for a long-lasting lipgloss, or a protein shake, or legal services, I could easily close my eyes, scroll down my FB friends list for a few seconds, open my eyes and land on a random person who has partnered with a company that offers the particular product I’m looking for.

Again, not knocking the direct selling or network marketing industries. My very first business, when I was 18 years old, was with a direct sales company in the beauty industry.

I’m merely saying there’s more than one way to market yourself as the go-to person in your industry – whether or not you’re in network marketing.

So earlier this week, I took to FB Live once again, to talk about a new take on the 80/20 Content Rule. I talk a lot about how only 20% of your total posts should be promotional (or what I call a commercial for your business). In this video, I talk about the importance of paying attention to what makes up 80% of your newsfeed and aiming to be the person who provides the 20% of content that stands out to your friends and followers.

Watch the video (2:57) below:

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